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Sławomir EKMAN

Polish Certified Accountant – KIBR (No 90087)
Qualified Auditor - ACCA (No 0742180)

Tel.  +48 58 746 30 41

Slawomir Ekman worked almost 11 years for KPMG (one of the leading international consulting companies) in the audit department, and in 2007 he was involved in set-up of KPMG's office in Gdansk. As an experienced auditor, Slawomir managed many of the projects related to audits of standalone and consolidated financial statements, prepared in accordance with Polish GAAP, UK standards and IFRS as well as the other accounting policies. Slawomir organized and conducted a number of seminars and trainings targeted to accountants, financial controllers and finance directors from the Pomerania region, including trainings on deferred tax, provisions, non-current assets, misstatements in financial statements, and on IFRS.

Slawomir Ekman has an extensive experience in serving the international companies, in particular the ones from Scandinavia region. Since 2004, Slawomir is a member of ACCA (the international organization associating the accounting and finance experts from different countries).

During his work at the audit department he cooperated closely with tax advisors and supported many of his clients in the processes of tax optimization.

Slawomir Ekman is the founder and creator of 24iValue service (available online at, which provides a suite of electronic services for self-preparation or checking difficult accounting and tax calculations, such as deferred tax, corporation tax, cash flow statement, accounting recognition of a finance lease, provisions for liabilities and provisions for employee benefits, allowances for accounts receivable, inventory provisions, testing of impairment of fixed assets and intangibles. Service is dedicated primarily to people working in finance and accounting.

In addition, Slawomir Ekman is co-founder of e-training for accountants and other people working in accounting and finance - Tax and Accounting Closing of year 2012.

Example clients that Slawomir Ekman cooperated with are: Zakłady Farmaceutyczne POLPHARMA, Grupa LOTOS, ENERGA Group, VECTRA Group, SHARP Manufacturing Poland, VECTOR, ATEM Polska, DANFOSS, EMERSON, ThyssenKrupp ENERGOSTAL, CENTROSTAL, STOMIL Sanok, CEMEX Group, ARCELOR Huta Warszawa, VELFAC, DOVISTA, Svenska Foenster, Rationel, EKOLAN Group, IMMOEAST Group, AKRON Group, Gdańska Stocznia REMONTOWA im. J.Piłsudskiego, HTEP Polska, DCT Gdańsk, ROLLS-ROYCE Marine, ARLA FOODS, ESPERSEN, FARM FRITES, BAKOMA, LOTOS Lab, LOTOS Serwis, LOTOS Tank, ELITA, K&L Inwestycje, PROBIER.

About us

FY AUDIT is an advisory company dedicated to those Clients that are seeking an added value that could be brought by their auditors. Many years of experience of  working for one of the leading international advisory company from “Big 4"  of the key management of FY AUDIT guarantees the highest standard of the services provided.


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